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Math Formulas


Key Stage 2

When studying mathematics, students can encounter difficulties comprehending concepts that appear straightforward to their peers. Consequently, these students often become introverted in class, lose motivation and lose interest in the subject matter.


At Online Private Tuition, we uphold the belief that three crucial elements for academic success are comprehension, practice and a positive attitude. By instilling these elements, our students enhance their confidence in their abilities and improve their understanding and grades.


The national curriculum for mathematics aims to ensure that all pupils:


- Develop fluency in fundamental mathematical concepts through regular and diverse practice, leading to the acquisition of conceptual understanding and the ability to swiftly and accurately apply knowledge.


- Engage in mathematical reasoning by exploring relationships, making conjectures and constructing arguments or justifications using mathematical language.


- Solve mathematical problems by applying their skills to a variety of routine and non-routine situations, progressively developing problem-solving abilities. This includes breaking down complex problems into manageable steps and persisting in seeking solutions.


Our objective is to cultivate in children an appreciation for numbers and an eagerness to tackle problems. Communication is integral to our approach and we aim to empower children to articulate their strategies and reasoning confidently. There is a strong emphasis on mental calculations, allowing children ample time to solve problems.


To achieve these objectives, children are instructed in various mathematical domains, including number and place value, arithmetic operations, fractions, measurement, geometry, statistics, ratio, proportion and algebra. We employ a coverage grid alongside teachers' creativity to design a diverse range of tasks, both written and practical, to support children's learning.

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