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Grammar Preparation

The 11 Plus exam serves as a selective entrance assessment for schools to identify the most academically proficient students. It consists of various tests, typically including Verbal Reasoning (English), Comprehension (English), Problem Solving (Maths) and Non-Verbal Reasoning (Maths). While there is some overlap with the school curriculum, the English and Maths questions are typically set at a high Key Stage 2 / lower Key Stage 3 level. As the test is administered at the beginning of Year 6, prospective Grammar school candidates are expected to perform well above age-related standards. Familiarity with the wording of 11 Plus style questions is also crucial, as they can differ significantly from standard school assignments.


What We Do?

Our approach involves collaborating closely with parents. We are responsible for designing programmes tailored to the unique needs of each family, including the timing and duration of preparation, as well as its priority. Parents can determine their preferred schools, review the entrance requirements and ensure appropriate materials are selected.

We offer tutoring across all test components with flexible session durations to suit individual needs. It is crucial for parents to ensure comprehensive coverage between home study and tutoring sessions. We focus on areas requested by parents, typically those they find challenging to support themselves, such as complex maths concepts.

Regular feedback on the child's progress is provided to parents. 

We offer guidance on recommended resources for home use and can administer practice tests under timed conditions.

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