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English as Foreign Language

Our tuition provides exclusive English language tutoring tailored for speakers of other languages, encompassing students of all ages, including those in primary, secondary or higher education, as well as adults.


We dedicate ourselves to providing exemplary individual sessions characterised by patience, effectiveness and encouragement, fostering an environment where students can relish their English learning journey, boost their confidence, and advance steadily at their preferred pace. At Online Private Tuition, we've guided learners from diverse backgrounds and age groups in mastering English, empowering them to communicate fluently and confidently.


We customise our teaching to meet each student’s individual needs and preferences, concentrating on the English language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) they wish to develop. The content of each lesson is tailored to the student's specific use of English, whether it's for school assignments, academic studies, IELTS/FCE/CAE or other ESOL exam preparations, professional or vocational needs, or social and recreational pursuits. Students gain from participating in dialogue and role-playing exercises with their tutor, as well as from a variety of other activities, games and resources.

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