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Key Stage 2

Our comprehension of the English language—how we communicate and comprehend others' communication—is crucial for understanding the world around us.


In a rapidly evolving world, students' proficiency in effective communication, both verbally, in writing and their ability to comprehend and respond to various forms of communication, are more crucial than ever before. Online Private Tuition is dedicated to cultivating these skills. Our objective is to foster students' creativity and equip them with the ability to communicate with precision, enthusiasm and a curious mindset.


We recognise the significant impact English tuition can have on other subjects, leading to overall improvement in grades.


We cater to students at KS2, offering assistance in enhancing their English proficiency or preparing for 11+ Exam. Whether struggling with reading, writing, comprehension, grammar, spelling or any aspect of the curriculum, we are here to help.


Our students experience a boost in confidence and academic performance, enhancing their understanding and grades.


Our tuition programme aligns with the National Curriculum, focusing on developing students' language and literature skills. Students are encouraged to explore a diverse range of literary texts spanning various time periods, cultures and traditions.

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