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Tutoring Session

What Do I Teach?

Hi, my name is Rehana, founder of Online Private Tuition, dedicated to providing invaluable educational support in the face of rising living costs. With a passion for ensuring every child receives quality education regardless of financial constraints, I work with a handpicked team who are committed to assisting families in achieving academic goals by providing extra English and Maths support. Whether it is preparing for grammar school entrance exams or enhancing skills in core subjects, Online Private Tuition is here to make education accessible to all. Additionally, specialised assistance for English as a second language is available, further broadening opportunities for academic success. Join us in levelling the playing field and empowering students to reach their full potential.

11+ Preparation

Grammar School Preparatory Lessons


Additional English Support


Additional Math's Support 

English (EFL)

English as a Foreign Language (EFL)


"Rehana was instrumental in preparing our daughter for the 11+ exams. Her tutoring skills are exceptional, coupled with a positive attitude and an engaging teaching style. We're grateful for her dedication and highly recommend her to anyone seeking quality tuition."

Jennifer, Harriet's mum

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